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4 Step To perfect WordPress Installation



Select the Cloud which you want to install the wordpress.



Create a new instance and add domain details.


SSH Access Code

Add our SSH Access code to your instance.



Select the configuration you wish to have.

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Our Features

Our Features


Perfect Stack

We created the perfect production standalone WordPress Stack for the Cloud services.


Optimized for Cloud

The Installation package is tested and optimized for most of the new cloud platforms.


5 different Clouds

Choose from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Digitalocean, Linode, Vultr.

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Watch the 4 step installation of WordPress using StartACloud.

What we offer

We offer Perfect Solution

Wordpress installation has been a very easy task in Managed Servers. But when cloud services began, the installation has become a difficult task. We faced the same problem and we created the perfect solution for it. A 4 Step automated WordPress installation procedure.
Use it for WordPress, PHP, MAriaDB(MySQL), NginX, with redirections and other necessary optimizations built into it. We provide SSL for all Installations, so never worry about security again.

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Do not worry about the bad performance of WordPress in cloud anymore.


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